Thursday, April 23, 2009

Straw Dogs remake

News up on Dark Horizons about a remake of Straw Dogs, the 1971 film by Sam Peckinpah. The film based on the novel The Siege of Trencher's Farm by Gordon Williams was banned in the UK from 1984 until 2002. The remake, like all good remakes :) , will move the action from rural England to the American deep south.
The remake of The Wicker Man in 2006, which was considered a resounding failure with the critics and the box office, also moved the action to the U.S.A
You can read the full story over at Dark Horizons here


allen said... was sorta a bad idea with the Wickerman...yet oddly enough, we are remaking "Darkness Aftermath" in England as soon as we get the financing:)

Nik Holmes said...

The Wickerman was SO fantastic for all the wrong reasons, chief of which is Nicolas Cage, dresssed as a bear, hitting a defenseless lady. Then there's the bee hat sequence.

"The Bees! The Bees! Not the Bees! They're in my eyes!"

No they're not Mr Cage, the cgi boys have stitched you up.
You can imagine they told Cage, sure we'll cgi them ALL OVER your face later, and then just didn't bother.

As for the Straw Dogs remake, I seem to recall Edward Norton was involved in a remake a few years back which came to nothing.

Moonwatcher said...

Not seen the original for years, but I remember liking it lots.