Thursday, April 09, 2009

Snapshot memories from the film 'Alien' - 1979

Mangamax over at 2000 AD & SF Modelling has come up with a great find, some really cool behind the scenes pictures on Dennis Lowe's site from the filming of Alien. These include pictures of the Nostromo when it was still painted yellow. Check out the link here here


Fraser Lovatt said...

Great article with some fantastic photographs -- it love that details like that are preserved.

That --

... however, is not from Alien.


Ray Smyth said...

I was looking through the Arkadon reel on Dennis Lowe's site and during the "Spaceworks" segment I caught a shot that was featured in the opening of Lorca and the Outlaws. It seems it found its way into the latter as a stock shot, interesting! That footage from Spaceworks look amazing. Just imagine what Saturn 3 could have looked like if they had done the fx.

Mangamax said...

Spoke to Martin Bower about Dennis and he remembers him well. Seems he came onto the project quite late in the day and was mainly involved in the neon lighting of the Nostromo. His camera was a really big, quality one so his pictures would print out very large and very well.
Over to you Dennis.

Ray Smyth said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think some extra pics have been added to Dennis's Alien page as of April 16.
One shows Martin Bower posing with a yellow Nostromo. I don't remember seeing that the first time I loaded the page.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Yeah,there's a few pics at the top which are new also, the one of Jon Sorenson near the clamp arm and some others of the Nostromo details !

lowedennis said...

I worked originally at Shepperton Studio when Alien started for Nick Allder and Brian Johnson. I was involved in the making of the panels for the interior cabin, when that was finished I moved over to Bray where the model work started and became more involved with the shoot and physical effects.

lowedennis said...

Yes, I started on Alien at the beginning of the production at Shepperton and was involved in the making of the interior panels for the cabin (flashing lights, switches,conduit tubing etc) and when finished was moved over to Bray for the initial model shoot and physical effects etc.