Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hunter Prey - Teaser Trailer

Nice Teaser as it doesn't give too much away about the movie ! Click picture for trailer

The movie is about a prison ship that's crashed on an alien world, and the soldiers who have to track down an alien convict with serious survival skills. Filmed on location in the Mexican desert, the movie is awash in gorgeous landscapes and Collora's costume design is incredible. Hunter Prey is a true labor of love, made entirely as an indie film on a very modest budget. And it looks exciting as hell - as well as having a retro-1970s feel.


Michael G Clark said...

Isn't the The Planet? With some nice suits.

I feel my sue gland expanding

Andrew Glazebrook said...

You and your expanding glands !!!

Michael G Clark said...

ooh missus

Gordon Fraser said...

Tis been removed....the SWINES!!!!!