Monday, March 02, 2009

Tardis to get a full redesign

I'm glad they're going to give the inside a revamp, was never fussed on what they've been using since the show relaunched, I'd rather see something that was more high tech, something more like what they used to have here with a bit of the Rebel Blockade Runner type look from Star Wars and discovery from 2001:A Space Odyssey.

The Tardis will undergo a full redesign when Matt Smith joins the cast as the eleventh Doctor in 2010, it has been claimed.
Producers will radically refit the inside of the time-travelling police box and will also enhance the quality of the exterior, The Mirror reports.
A source said: "It will be the most hi-tech, intricate Tardis ever."
Incoming head writer Stephen Moffat is reportedly interested in making sure the Tardis looks good in high definition.
He is also said to be attempting to distance himself from outgoing executive producer Russell T. Davies, and to herald a new era of the show.
Davies has previously admitted that a move to high definition would require the reconstruction of the Tardis to prevent its "flaws" showing on screen.

Source Digital Spy


AktoMan said...

Obviously needs an iPod dock. No doubt a little Apple logo will appear somewhere.

They already have mobile phones that work across space and time, probably get an "Xbox 360cubed" to allow the Doc to challenge previous Docs to a game of Halo.

Ignoring the fix to the chameleon circuit that's been needed for ages.

Michael G Clark said...

About bloody time, that's all I'm saying. Never really got into the bran flakes interior.

The guy that did some of the recent dr who dvd CG makeovers designed a smart tardis interior a while back, before the new series.

AktoMan said...

And the new companion to accompany that interior, Mike:

Steve said...

Will he have a Twitter screen too?