Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I woke up this morning expecting yesterday's snow to be twice as bad, as the forecast's had predicted more snow for the North East of England, so imagine my surprise when I opened the curtains and found it had all but gone, besides the odd bit you'd have barely even known it had even been. Even the pavement's weren't icy, just wet.


Steve said...

I find the media hysteria over the snow both amusing and perplexing. Is snow really that big a deal? Isn't it kind of normal for this time of year?

crookymike said...

Yeah, the weather forecasters are idiots. The north-east of Scotland was supposed to be hit badly all day today but its just drizzling. Its pathetic, in my day we had real snow not this namby pamby 21st century lasts for 5 minutes shit.
And another thing, how come 20 years ago when nobody had 4x4s we managed fine, but now everybody's got one and 1/2" of snow brings the country to a halt?
Sorry, rant over.

Nay_Gevara said...

Firstly 'Great' Britain's transport system is a joke for dealing with bad weather.

Secondly that looks like an ideal vantage point for spectating the 5th year girls shot-put try outs.