Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hawk the Slayer sequel

One of the fantasy films that's so bad it's almost good, and a guilty pleasure when it airs on TV, well it turns out that the 1980 cult classic Hawk the Slayer is getting a sequel.

Hawk the Hunter, director Terry Marcel's long awaited sequel to his 1980's sword and sorcery classic Hawk the Slayer, is on the way.
The $10,000,000 sword and sorcery saga has signed Tom Hardy (Bronson) to play Hawk, whilst producer Andrew Growcock of Westwood Productions has the script out to several other stars to play Hawk's nemisis, Voltan, originally played by Jack Palance in Hawk the Slayer.
The action will be brought up to date with a $2,000,000 CGI budget from FX company Yard Media in Ireland.
“It’s a thrill to become involved with the Hawk franchise” said Jinga’s director Julian Richards. “Hawk The Slayer made an impact on my generation and I am confident that with Terry’s vision for the sequel, Hawk the Hunter will make an impact on todays audience”.

Source The Spinning Image


Steve said...

Jack Palance is going to be a hard act to follow. Only he could deliver the line: "WIZARD! AID ME!" at the top of his voice and still maintain his sense of gravitas. Won't be the same without Bernard Breslaw either. Do hope they keep the Morricone-esque music.

Mangamax said...

Cheap, naff and one of the first films i showed when becoming a Projectionist.
And that Elf was a million times better than Mr Jackson ever came up with

Jim said...

I've never even heard of the first one. Good stuff? Meaning, worth a viewing?

Michael G Clark said...

Oh no, Crow the elf!

The gayest elf ever, and that's saying something.

Matt J said...


Moonwatcher said...

C L A S S ! I love Hawk the Slayer.