Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Terrahawks - Miniatures

Terrahawks as a Gerry Anderson TV show always seemed on the cheap side to me when watching it as a teenager, it didn't have the scope that Thunderbirds or Captain Scarlet had, we pretty much always seen the same desert area in every episode, or the same trees. What I did like about it was the miniatures, I loved the colour scheme with that grey and orange on the Terrahawks craft. I remember spotting Solar Panels of Darth Vader's Tie-Fighter on Spacehawk or a large section of Space 1999 Eagle Transporter framework visible in a docking bay shot (see top middle pic) Steven Begg was in charge of the miniature work which were photographed by Harry Oakes who worked on Flash Gordon and Aliens.
But as a show the whole set up was pretty naff and the characters both good and bad were pretty annoying especially Dr 'Tiger' Ninestein and Kate Kestrel's songs every week. Topping the annoying scales was Kate Kestrel's producer Stew Dapples. Sergeant Major Zero voiced by Windsor Davies with his Zeroids were one of the best bits of the whole show. There were 39 episodes made in all and it aired between October 3rd 1983 / July 24th 1984. I bought a handful of these on DVD when they first came out to see if it had improved over the years but sadly it hadn't and I've since sold the DVD's on.


Mangamax said...

Yeah, Steve Begg and co's modelwork is the only reason for going near this stinker.
You're braver than me in actually watching the darn thing - studying excellent pics like these (ta for putting them up) is the nearest i can get.

Michael G Clark said...

Terrahawks - stay on this channel!

I didn't, even as a youngling I tried to pee in the tv when this was on.... We didn't have a remote.