Saturday, January 03, 2009

Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor Who

At 26 years old the youngest actor to play Doctor Who. I'm more than willing to give the guy a chance to prove himself in the role, unlike some forums I've visited who are calling Steven Moffat worse than a c**t for casting him, and are no doubt already arranging online petitions to send to the BBC to demand the actor be replaced. Until I see him act as Doctor Who in the 3rd Special or The Christmas Special at the end of the year then I'm not going to make a descision either way, just look at how they slated Daniel Craig as James Bond before Casino Royale or Tom Cruise before Interview with a Vampire.


AktoMan said...

So Mr Smith is playing Mr Smith ;-)

I'm sure he'll do his best and the programmes will be worth watching.

paulhd said...

I've seen him in two good shows and he's been excellent in both.
Beyond the fact that he's young, white and male, it's a surprising bit of casting and very good one I reckon.
Frankly he's got an interesting face, and that's the real selling point for a Who.

james corcoran said...

In my view Moffat has written some of the best episodes since the Dr returned and while Smith may be an odd choice I think he should be given every chance,I think there is a tendancy to forget its a family show aimed at young kids.Though I would like to see Sally Sparrow return as his assistant.

Rol said...

Agreed. My first reaction was 'WHOOO?' - but that's kind of appropriate (plus it's exactly what I thought about Tennant). After watching the clips of his previous work though, I could see how he might bring something to the role and I'm looking forward to giving him a chance.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

I was hoping for Patterson Joseph, but I'm not in the least bit disappointed.

I think because he's so young we're actually going to get a more mature Doctor in terms of how he behaves (re: Moffat discussing how older actors played younger and younger actors played older). A darker version of the fifth Doctor perhaps? Maybe a more introspective Doctor. Maybe now its not about how human the doctor is but how alien he is too and maybe now we'll be getting Gallifrey back?

Exciting times!

Michael G Clark said...

All the best to Matt, I've also seen him in a few roles and hope he has a great time as the doctor. I'm just waiting for the choice of costume now.

I'll avoid the dr who forums for a while in case I have to kill someone.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I would have liked to see Andy Serkis play Doctor Who. He seems to be always playing villains but I think he'd have been great fun as the Doctor !!
There's rumours of Lily Allen being the new assistant, now that I don't agree with !!

paulhd said...

Gor blimey luva duck, ah bleedin' well 'ope not.
Seeing as the Doctor is getting increasingloy younger (next regeneration's he's going to be 12, "Aaaaw, Davros. I haaate you."), I hope his companion is in his/her 60's, at least.

Nik Holmes said...

Well seeing as Christopher Eccleston spent alot of time playing the Doctor as some sort of wide eyed child, lets hope they do something just as interesting with such a 'young'actor, as I'm sure they will. Can't wait to see what they do costume wise as I felt David Tennants was a real triumph and for me can really help make the part the actors own. The one thing Torchwood got right was putting Jack back into his WW2 get up as opposed to the 80s Levis model look he sported whilst being vapourised by Daleks.

Patterson Joseph should play the new Master, and play him the same as Johnson in Peep Show.

"I'll make you feel like a turkey f****r. Why? Because I'm the big man and you're a s**t heel, right?"

Like to see the Doctor come back from that one.