Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas again today...and tomorrow !!

Being an Atheist from an early age I've never quite understood religion, I have friends who are religious, and if they have beliefs then that's OK by me. I just heard on the radio this afternoon that it's Christmas Day again today, if you're from the Armenian Apostolic Church and it's Christmas Day tomorrow for the Eastern Orthodox Churches, now if I'd have known this as a kid I may have signed up to get 3 lots of presents, assuming they give presents.
I never realised there were so many Religions, there's a page full here a List of religions and spiritual traditions and another page full here a List of new religious movements
It's time I maybe started my followers of Anna Friel church. I thought Jedi would have been on the list by now or wasn't there enough votes during the last UK census ?!


Steve said...

May I express an interest in joining the Anna Friel church? What are the precepts and modes of worship. Are you going to serve wine and wafers?

Fraser Lovatt said...

Well, given that Christmas was placed where it was just to compete with Saturnalia, then all the other variants are just extra full of shit.

It's that sort of thing that really highlights that religions are just businesses (albeit businesses that have been sanctioned to commit murder whenever they like) that compete with each other.

As I've said before, I celebrate Christmas despite being an Atheist -- in the same way that I celebrate Halloween but don't believe in witches. Besides, when did Christmas have anything at all do do with religion?

Wishing you all the best for 2009 -- I look forward to following your blog through another entertaining and enlightening year.

Michael G Clark said...

Here's another convert for the Anna Friel church. Does she do miracles?

Appearing in me flat would be a good one. For a start.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Saturnalia was celebrated on Dec 17th. Mithras however was born Dec 25th (birthday of the invincible sun). I think Sol Invictus had already supplanted Saturnalia as a one-size fits all kind of deal.

LEon said...

I think it will work pretty well with everyone as long as that festival is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY. XD

Michael G Clark said...

We're doing a thing on Dailymotion this month, showing the movie and clips. I was playing about on the site when I found this, an amateur cg movie with giant robots. Apparently he did it in his spare time!