Friday, December 12, 2008

Carol Vorderman's last Countdown

Although this was actually filmed 2 or 3 weeks back, tonight see's Carol Vorderman's last ever appearance on Countdown after 26 years, she was 21 when she started the show.
Countdown was the first programme to be broadcast on Channel 4 back in 1982, it aired at 4:45pm.
The very first letters game produced this selection of consonants and vowels - T, N, E, M, A, R, H, I, B. The two contestants came up with two seven-letter words, "raiment" and "minaret".

Jeff Stelling and Oxford maths graduate Rachel Riley, aged 22 (above) take over from Carol Vorderman and host Des O'Connor for the new series.


Michael G Clark said...

Cor blimey, that Rachel Riley's a bit of all right (in my best mockney).

I'd give er' a good consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant.

Who's Carol Vorderman again?

AktoMan said...

The end of another era.

I recall one of RGIT's regulars being a regular on Countdown in the 1980's. He came back with some signed photographs of Carol V and auctioned them off for local charities. Which was nice. I got two.

Steve said...

Carol Vorderman: the thinking man's talking calculator with breasts. Luckily the new girl has all the same qualifications. Panic over.

Moonwatcher said...

They showed a montage clip of Carol on the programme before the final Countdown, boy did she wear some hideous outfits in the 80's, she looks way better now than when she started the show. The new lass looks cute though.