Thursday, November 27, 2008

Triffids returning to television

I was only saying in the pub on Saturday that I'm surprised the BBC haven't done a remake of The Day of the Triffids seeing as though they've remade their 1970's show The Survivors, well lo and behold I've just read on the BBC news site that they are.
Click the top picture for the full story.

I really loved the BBC adaptation of John Wyndam's 1951 Novel, the 1962 film was fun but the BBC show was way better and a more faithful adaptation of the book. In 2001 Simon Clark wrote a sequel called The Night of the Triffids, I've never read it but I did read some very complimentary reviews.


Michael G Clark said...

Funny, I juat saw the feature on the BBC site and rushed over to your blog to mention it. Has the BBC now totally run out of ideas?

What's next? Swap Shop?

Nik Holmes said...

This really was a top notch production as I remember, and dealt quite starkly and brutally with the way in which society dealt with the outcome of the events. When I watched 28 Days Later a few years ago I couldn't help but think this show must have had a marked effect upon Garland. Now that the BBC has started to take sci fi a bit more seriously after winners such as Dr Who and Life on Mars I'm quite excited about this.

However, no MR James adaptation this Christmas which is a bit of a shame, they're always a bit of a festive treat for me.

Niel Bushnell said...

Swap Shop is coming back with Basil Brush!

Michael G Clark said...

I wonder if they'll let Sutek host sawp shop again? Not sure after that thing with the Bunty annnual and the osiran war rocket.

Rol said...

I was a huge fan of both the 1981 show and Wyndham's books in general, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed they don't mess this up too much.

Moonwatcher said...

Cool, I love Day of the Triffids.