Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Competition Winner

I decided not to judge the result of this competition myself so I contacted Gonz who runs The Humanoid website. I mailed him the picture and the 20 captions and here's what he said.

Oh crap man, decisions decisions !! There's some inspired comic genius there, and exactly whats needed after a seriously bad day at the office.
"Turning it off/on again" was nice, as i had that suggested to me today at work,and yes, it does work !
"What a bunch of knobs!" is certainly effective, and got the loudest belly laugh...
Finding Sam Jones' charisma was instantly funny, though rather obvious..

Hard choice to make this Glazy, but I'd go for "Deep in the Fortress of the Anti-Prequel Legion of Lucas Assassins, the air grows thick with murderous tension as Number 06, in a moment of excitement, exclaims "Now THIS is Podracing!" purely for inventiveness, and the obvious thought put into it !

So the winner of the artwork is Jim Smash

I'll be running another competition soon and look out for more signed artwork as prize.


Michael G Clark said...

Well done to Jim Smash, and all who sail in him.

Jim said...


Dylan said...

Well done Jim, a worthy winner!