Monday, September 08, 2008

Oktapodi HQ

Niel sent me the link to this fabulous short film, if you click on the vid and go to the You Tube site there's an option to watch this in better quality.


mim said...

Hey Andrew,
yess Oktaposi was a great work, really nice one
I see it just a few weeks ago when I just browsin blogs randomly (by that [next blog] button! or a link on those "nextblogs"!) and I just freaked out! :D
they puted some wip on that blog that is pleased to view;
the film owned many awards in several festivals also,
here is a making of:

mim, :)

Michael G Clark said...

That was great, hope pixar gets in touch with these folk soon. Or they get backing to do more.

Very talented - I hate them all....

Matt J said...

2 of the lads who made this film worked with me here in Nice on A Monster In Paris-they're incredibly talented, like all French animation folk!

Steve said...