Friday, September 19, 2008

Krazy Comic (1976)

It doesn't seem 32 years ago since I spent 7p from my £1 pocket money on this.

My favourite Characters in Krazy Comic were Birdman and Chicken:The Boy Blunder drawn by Trevor Metcalfe.
The Krazy Comic itself only ran for 2 years but there were Summer Specials and Annuals up until 1985, and a spin off comic Cheekly Weekly which me and my brother used to also buy.
I've always said if they had Holo-Decks like in Star Trek: The Next Generation then I'd love to live in the 1970's again.


Steve said...

"we don't mind grown ups paying for it though" - fabulous. Anarchy for the under 10s.

Fraser Lovatt said...

Ah - Krazy, Cheeky, Monster Fun ... even Jackpot to an extent. Fleetway really were onto something for a while in the mid 70s.

You got a £1 pocket money? Toffee-nosed posh kid.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hey Fraser in 1977 a single Star Wars figure was 99p, so that was my pocket money gone for the week ! :) Maybe I should have invested my money instead, and then I'd be rich now instead of skint !

Fraser Lovatt said...

Ha - you rich kids with your Star Wars figures. I had to make my own - from wax. Wax I tell you!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Ear Wax ?

Fraser Lovatt said...

Of course it was ear wax! Consequently I had a fine Star Wars action figure collection of Chewbacca, a couple of Jawas and an Ewok -- and envied all those kids with C3P0 or the Death Star Droid. The guy next to me managed to fashion a Greedo out of bogies - believe me, we were GLAD Han shot first in those days.