Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Robert T Nixon Exhibition [1939 - 2002]

Another rainy day in the North of England so we decided to take a trip to Kirleatham Museum not far from where we live, we'd seen they were showing an exhibition of artwork by Middlesbrough born artist Robert Nixon. Robert worked on a whole bunch of comics including Dandy, Beano, Whoopee, Monster Fun, and Shiver & Shake, drawing characters such as Lord Snooty, Roger the Dodger, Korky the Cat, Frankie Stein and his own creations Kid Kong, Gums, King Arthur and his Frights of the Round Table and Ivy the Terrible. Robert also painted non comic book work such as landscapes and some Fantasy Art.
It was really cool seeing his original comic book pages and cover art etc... for many comics that I grew up reading in the 70's.
Kirleatham Museum is free to the public.



allen said...

Neat stuff.

paulhd said...

Looks great, shame I'm not conveniently visiting my folks so I can sneak off for a visit. Always loved Nixon's Laser Eraser.... not the one with Axel Pressbutton obviously:)

Fraser Lovatt said...

I *loved* Monster Fun -- I have even gone back to eBay to get my nostalgia fix from old issues and RTN's artwork is still beautiful to this day.