Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Job Hunting and Boredom

I'm getting to the point where I figure doing freelance art isn't really as much fun as it once was. The one thing I do miss is just seeing other people, for 12 years I was working at the Cinema and even though for the vast amount of that time I was in the projection box there were always plenty of people to talk with, and I made friends with people from the public who I talked to just in the foyer who I'm still friends with now over 10 years later. Then working in the computer games and animation industry, it was always a case of plenty of people to bounce ideas off, joke with and go for a few pints with.
I've gotten to the point over recent months were motivation to do my own artwork has reached nearly 0%, my art Blog was something that I'd update on a regular basis but this year I've only posted a handful of things. I've contacted numerous companies about work, and if I'd even got a "Thanks but we've got no work at the moment for freelancers" that would have been a bonus, but often you get nothing back.
Working from home as I do can be incredibly boring, when you're in the house all day it seems like I'm just waiting for the time that I have to walk up to the school to pick the kids up. My wife works most of the week and we do get the odd morning when we go for a swim and lunch but otherwise if I was tested on Mastermind on crap daytime TV shows that run on the TV in the background as I sit at my computer, then I could probably win that show.
I've gotten to the point where my wife said there's a job going clearing tables in the kitchens at the school where she works, and I've been tempted to apply.


Moonwatcher said...

Sorry to hear about this mate. I work in a Museum so I get to see people all the time, sometimes too much when we have school party's and day trips in !! Hope you find something soon.

Nik Holmes said...

Hey Andrew, know exactly what you mean about the isolation. I still enjoy being outside of any office politics and the more childish side of the typical working environment. But at the same time I miss the general cameraderie(?) of a studio, especially if there is a great film or TV show I want to discuss or better yet a particularly bad film or TV show.

Is there no chance of any part time lecturing at the Art College or Teesside University. I would have thought that the Uni in particular would snap you up.

Hope this is just a funk you shake off soon.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Now that was a good film !!!

Jim said...

Hmmm, maybe combine your museum and theatre experiences with your love of the Star Wars Prequels. "Andrew's No-Bombad Museumeesa of Star Warsa!" where all 3 prequels are played on continuous loops on screens throughout the halls of mass merchandise!

(I'll keep you company in my side-wing devoted to the Predalien)

paulhd said...

I've got the opposite problem, I'd happily give up some of my day job time for solitary drawing time.
Mind you, even if I could get paid illustration work I always figured I'd still work part-time, so I do know where you're coming from.

Michael G Clark said...

That's not fun Andrew, you should be doing stuff for big production houses with your talent.

I run a design department for a multinational engineering company, produce and design movies and do freelance effect and animation. But I can barely draw or model a cube. That's not fair.

If we were doing a production that required modelling and had the cash just now we'd hire you in an instant.

crookymike said...

If thats what you look like, you should get a job in a university library.

crookymike said...

Better idea, accompany a bare knuckle boxer and punch biker gang members while eating Oreos.
Wish I was a monkey.
"He's an ape, Ma"

But seriously, I've been there and know how you're feeling. Why not take the job for a while, a change might do you good and give you some inspiration.
Otherwise, you could make money by charging us to read this (except me, my idea)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Yeah if I charge a pound a visit I'd have had £44,539 already !! That's a great idea Crookymike !
Thanks for all the feedback on this.
Nik I've got a few contacts in education in Middlesbrough and I'm already looking into doing some stuff next term hopefully.
Mike, when you do a big budget SF pic after you've made your millions from One Day Removals then give me a call.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

You need a little sign on your desk that says "you don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps".

And in the morning, when you finally decide to roll out of bed and you walk those two or three meters to work and you still manage to show up late (and not properly dressed), you can send yourself a memo, a warning, saying if you don't start showing up for work on time you're going to fire your own sweat ass.

Get back late from your half hour lunch break? Written warning. Feet on the desk? Written warning.

and if you miss the office politics, start spreading rumors about yourself after your Christmas office party. Steal your own stationary.

It never gets boring.

No sir.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

My last office party was a real cheap do ! Someone used my flatbed scanner to scan their arse...oh hang on that was me !

Michael G Clark said...

Thats a deal Mr Glazebrook. Your work is fab.(F.A.B - what the hell did that stand for?)

I've also done freelance stuff from home, sometimes even the effort of watching tv is too much (unless it was Blue 'Konnie' Peter of course).

Annie said...

I do empathise with you Andrew!

I spend a lot of time working from home and although my husband Trevor is often here, I hate it when he is out - the solitude is crushing. However, we acquired 2 dogs in January and they really are excellent company, and force me out into the fresh air, meeting other dog-walkers on the way. Have you considered perhaps having a dog?
Are you really fed up because of the lack of company or are you just bored with your work? What prompted you to become self-employed in the first place?
How about a compromise - freelance artwork AND a little part-time job?

THANK YOU SO MUCH for sponsoring me in my 'Race For Life' - you are brill. A :-)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Annie, I'd say I was 50 - 50 on being fed up with lack of company and work. I left full time employment so my wife could get a job after spending a fair few years at home looking after the kids, she wanted to get back to doing something, so I left work so there'd be someone to take and pick the kids up from school on a regular basis.
Sometimes I think a part time job, even two days a week stacking shelves or something would make a change, I just want a job where I can avoid dealing with customers. :)

Matt J said...

Build a shed!