Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Red Band Gang

I don't know how many other people here in the UK have spotted the amount of red rubber bands that seem to be appearing on our pavements and garden paths. It would seem that our postmen don't have pockets and so drop the bands where ever they see fit, occasionally small clusters of half a dozen or more bands can be found but on the whole they're left like a marker showing that the postman has been. I've even seen them in smaller country villages. On the 10 minute journey to school one day me and the kids counted 28 bands down the 4 or 5 roads we walk along. It could be come a new craze, red rubber band spotting ! :)


Old Cheeser said...

How very strange. As I read/responded to your post, I noticed a red rubber band lying on my desk, just next to my PC mouse. Spooky! Is it an invasion to rival the Daleks and Cybermen??

AktoMan said...

I have noticed this pollution in the past, and did wonder about gathering each and pushing for a litter fine (50 quid IIRC) per elastic band.

But that is just me being evil, and no-one would threaten and bully people about a small about of material.

Moonwatcher said...

I've seen these all over York.