Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Guns and the Lawgiver

In the 1967 novel of Logan's Run the Deep Sleep (DS) men also known as 'Sandmen' use weapons called simply Guns. They were shaped like a revolver and carried one each of 6 different bullets: homer, tangler (sticky net), nitro, vapor, ripper, and needler, all programmed to to explode if anyone but the registered owner tried to use them.

The Lawgiver from 2000AD's Judge Dredd story also fires 6 different types of ammunition and should an attempt be made by an unauthorized person to use the Lawgiver, it will explode in that person's hand.
It would seem somebody at 2000AD was a fan of Logan's Run at the time of Judge Dredd's writing.

The Sandmen in the film version of Logan's Run carry a different weapon, it appears to only fire one type of bullet, as it fires a bright muzzle flash flares from the end of the gun


Michael G Clark said...

I think I've still got the issue of 2000AD with that poster. It's still my fave handgun from sf.

The movie one just looked like a gun and spoke, that's not a good thing.

Jim said...

I don't believe this post for a second!!!!


TimeWarden said...

I wonder how "Logan's Run" would've turned out had they actually stuck to the novel?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

They say on the commentary for the film the only reason they changed the age from 21 to 30 for Carousel is because it was easier to get the range of extras they needed in that sort of age group given the limited budget and schedule !
Brian Singer was meant to be filming a new version of Logan's Run sticking closer to the books story,Mars and all !

Moonwatcher said...

I've looked all over for a copy of the book, but when I see it online it's always really pricey.