Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday R. Lee Ermey

64 today !

Was in the 1978 film Boys from Company C as Sgt. Loyce - Drill Instructor, and also appeared in Purple Hearts in 1984 as another Drill Instructor but shot to fame as Sgt Hartman in Full Metal Jacket. He also appeared in Apocalypse Now as a helicopter pilot.

R. Lee Ermey was in the US Marine Corps for 11 years. He rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant, and later was bestowed the honorary rank of Gunnery Sergeant by the Marine Corps, after he serviced 14 months in Vietnam and then later did 2 tours in Okinawa, Japan. After injuries forced him to retire from the Corps, he moved to the Phillipines, enrolling in the University of Manila, where he studied Criminology and Drama.

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Jim said...

He was also fun in "The Frighteners"!