Monday, February 18, 2008

Hyperdrive on Dave TV

UK's Dave TV are showing repeats of BBC's Hyperdrive on Wednesday and Thursday evenings late on and into the early hours. They list it as "Hilarious, new space comedy with surprisingly good special effects !" Some people might dispute the hilarity factor, in fact I've seen people slate the FX work too. But it is a fun show with loads of really neat FX and that's not me being biased because I worked on them. :)
They're also running Red Dwarf with Hyperdrive, so if you like SF comedy tune in.


Moonwatcher said...

Dave shows some funny stuff, I got Hyperdrive on DVD and have quite a few Red Dwarf's too.

Good to see it getting shown still. Shame about the 3rd series not getting made.

allen said...

I was only able to enjoy a few episodes before the site I was watching them on was shut down. I thought it was really fun to watch and had a relaxed sort of humor about it. The only thing I didn't get was the navigator (or whoever she was) who was on the platform dancing about when ever they were going to fly a long I said, I only saw a few episodes.