Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Poll Results

Here are the results of the first 3 polls that I ran, although voting is still open I feel that these have had enough votes to get the general opinion on all 3 of them.

So although it was close the winner of Favourite Star Wars Movie was The Empire Strikes Back beating Star Wars by 2 points.
I voted for Star Wars as I feel that although in many ways The Empire Strikes Back is superior I still love the feel of the first film in terms that it's more of a self contained story, it does have an actual end, besides Darth Vader escaping you could have left it there and say the rebels won. I also love the opening battle on the rebel Blockade Runner and the Death Star battle.
Although 2 of the prequels got 1 vote each nobody voted for The Phantom Menace, surprisingly if I had to vote for a prequel that would be the one I'd vote for.

The winner of Favourite Alien Movie by 8 points was Alien.
I voted for Alien, for although Aliens is a superb sequel it fails on a number of points that Alien has. The cinematography and art design in Alien is much richer, there are scenes in Aliens on LV-426 that although are nice look like a studio with a painted backdrop and the photography has a cheaper look. Also the actual Alien in the first movie is creepier, you're never quite sure what you're looking at. Saying that if Alien was a 10 Aliens is still a 9.5

Finally the results of Favourite James Cameron Film were. A win by 6 votes to Aliens.
Now for this poll I did vote for Aliens, but a close tie would have to be The Terminator and The Abyss in my opinion. And discounting the obvious film that he made about flying fish I'd say the other film that got no votes is his weakest film, that being True Lies, even though it's still a fun movie.

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Rol Hirst said...

The first two were my votes, I went with Terminator for the last one... though I do have a soft spot for Titanic. But that's more down to a wet Kate Winslet than Jim Cameron.