Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Howard the Duck on DVD

Some people love it, most people hate it and no doubt a fair few haven't heard of Howard the Duck. But like it or not it finally arrives on DVD in the UK on February the 18th. Released here in the UK as Howard: A New Breed of Hero the film was slated by the critics, Howard the Turkey etc... It is true to say that probably the worst thing in a film called Howard the Duck is the Duck itself.
Most people seem under the impression that George Lucas directed this film, the actual culprit was Willard Huyck who co-wrote American Graffiti and did some script doctoring on Star Wars, he also directed the abysmal Best Defense with Eddie Murphy and Dudley Moore back in 1984.
The film does have some very neat special FX by ILM and Lea Thompson in her Nightie :)

The story is it's thanks to Howard the Duck flopping at the Box Office that Lucas sold the Division of Lucasfilm that later became Pixar.


Lena said...

Greetings! It is very well picked up! It was pleasant to look!
Good bye1 Elena. Moscow.

allen said...

I notice that on the top of the box it says full uncut version...what else could they add? Geez. I loved the comic book stories, but they were NEVER intended to be cute or for kids.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I've never heard of anything being cut, and this is only a PG anyway so I'm not sure, I'll have a look on the BBFC - British Board of Film Censors and see if it mentions anything !

Moonwatcher said...

I loved this film when I seen it at the cinema, wouldn't mind another watch of this. Lea Thompson, what ever happened to her ?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Looking at the IMDB it would seem she does a lot of TV work these days !!! She did a few movies in the mid 90's I've heard of but after that a lot of stuff that I assume was either DVD of TV !!!