Sunday, December 09, 2007

DVD Rewinder

I'm terrible when it comes to rewinding DVD's, I just take them out the machine and dump em straight back into the box, nearly all my collection needs rewinding. So if you know somebody like me this is the perfect gift for them this Christmas. ;)
DVD Rewinder Buy yours here.


Moonwatcher said...

Does this do CD's as well ? :)
They should do a retro one for records.

allen said...

I never rewind mine. I'm so naughty.

Amazingly enough, I could probably buy one of these for my Mother-in-Law and she'd use it!

Michael G Clark said...

This made me laugh, so real I expect to see it in those catalogues that fall out of the Radio Times.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Those catalogues are great !! I wonder if anyone ever buys from them ?!