Monday, November 19, 2007

Emilio Ruiz del Río - RIP

I only just found out that veteran FX artist Emilio Ruiz del Río passed away on September 14th of this year. I made a post about his superb work earlier in the year Here
He was a true master of his art and it's sad to hear he's gone.

One of my favourite shots he did was from Dune (1984) which shows the Arrakeen Airfield with the House Atreides ships which have arrived and we see Duke Leto, Lady Jessica and Paul descending the steps of the craft. This was a hanging miniature shot, and only the middle part of the shot was real, the rest was a miniature with thousands of miniature soldiers stood to attention.

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Feroze and Ravinder said...

Tragedy. His work was sublime. His stuff on the various Dune docs was priceless.