Thursday, November 29, 2007

Contamination (1980)

This 1980 SF/Horror film directed by Luigi (Starcrash) Cozzi opens very similar to Lucio Fulci's 1979 film Zombie Flesh Eaters with a ship drifting into New York's harbour, both also star Scottish born actor Ian (The Survivors) McCulloch.
In the first few scenes we see guys dressed in white overalls with gas masks that look like they've come from George Romero's The Crazies, in the hold of the ship they find giant green eggs that look like painted balloons, actually they are painted balloons but for the sake of the film we're led to believe that they're alien eggs, now in Alien you had to get a face hugger on you before your chest exploded, in this film the egg explodes showering them in green goo, in moments their chests are exploding with such force it makes John Hurts look like a mild case of indigestion. We find that the alien eggs have been shipped in crates with coffee written on the side, all this leads to a coffee plantation later in the movie, handy seeing as though one of the films producers just happened to have a coffee business. There's some half arsed story about a Mars mission, that just happens to show Mars as white, oh yeah they landed at the polar ice cap. We see lots of people exploding like they have high pressure hoses stuffed up their tops and lots of dubbed extras. All in all not a great movie and not a patch on the cult Starcrash.
The film was also known as Alien Contamination and Contamination: Alien on Earth.

Plot synopsis:

A deserted ship arrives in New York City carrying its slaughtered crew and a horrific cargo: Mutant green eggs the size of footballs that pulsate with life until they spray hideous chest-bursting death. But when a government research team begins an investigation, they uncover a grisly conspiracy of murder, space monsters and coffee. Who is harvesting these alien hell-spores? What is their connection to a doomed mission to Mars? And most important of all, how many actors will die screaming in massive explosions of blood, guts and gore?

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