Thursday, October 18, 2007

Timecop remake

Remake of the week is Timecop

Easily the most entertaining film of his career, action man Jean-Claude Van Damme's 1994 sci-fi effort Timecop is getting the remake treatment.

Dark Horse Entertainment producer/publisher Mike Richardson revealed to The IESB last night that he is talking to Universal about bringing the property back to the big screen.

Richardson even admitted that there has been some talk about bringing certain "talent" to become the next Time Enforcement Agent - one of today's big action stars apparently.

Sadly Jean Claude Van Damme himself won't be returning in any capacity. Both a short lived TV series, and a direct-to-video sequel starring Jason Scott Lee were previously released to little notice, ratings or sales.

Dark Horizons


Moonwatcher said...

I quite liked Timecop, mainly cause Mia Sara was in it though :)

TimeWarden said...

Have you heard they're remaking "Hellraiser"?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Yeah, it would be easier to make a list of what they're not remaking !! :) Do you really look like Nicola Bryant ?

Feroze and Ravinder said...

Word has it that the new Hellraiser directorial duo are really good. Can't imagine the Timecop remake could be any worse.

TimeWarden said...

Do I look like Nicola Bryant? Well, my hair isn't as long! Would you believe, she was 45 eleven days ago!!