Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Direct to DVD cash-ins - Pt 2

Check out this gem that I seen in Woolworths today, I don't think Pixar have much to worry about judging by the quality of the CGI.


Rio de Janeiro, the Wonderful City, land of Ipanema, Corcovado, Sugar Loaf and... Ratatoing. A city where the most gifted chef in town is... a rat! Everyone wants to discover the secrets of Marcell Toing's delicious recipes, but they are far from imagining the efforts this extraordinary cook puts into his search for the best ingredients. Every Thursday night, Marcell goes on a mission with his charming assistant Carol and his friend Greg, the worst waiter in town.

The three rats search for fine and rare ingredients that can only be found in restaurants owned by humans... where they face real danger, from rat traps to cat attacks!

The story gets filled with more action and adventure, when a bunch of jealous rats decide to get together and put an end to Ratatoing's culinary success.


allen said...

So those involved have basically sold their soul to thee Satan of CGI. They can't possibly hope to make a profit, can they?

Steve said...

Wow. I'm almost tempted to make a purchase.

Mark said...

These people should be shot. Or maybe something less drastic, like horsewhipping.

Moonwatcher said...

This looks amazingly bad !