Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sir Ben Kingsley to play Dalek creator?

Sir Ben Kingsley to play Dalek creator?


Michael G Clark said...

This rumour has been floating about for a while, it would be fun but I'm not sure if Sir Ben would like to play a head in a box like Davros was when he was last on screen.

Dalek 1: Emperor abandoning the bridge!

Dalek 2: Arse!

Ship: bang

I. N. J. Culbard said...

I'd be slightly insulted if I were him and ask "what are you trying to say, that I look like Davros?"

Watching season 1, I really thought the tech guy they leave behind with that thing in the middle of his forehead would end up being Davros (at the end of Simon Pegg episode) and that in some way the Doctor was responsible for him becoming Davros without knowing it. Armed with all this future knowledge and having a motive for revenge... of course, Davros' race isn't human as he's from Skaro. But hey, The Face of Bo was Boekind till Season 3 changed all that.