Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tennant pledges future as 'Who'

David Tennant has insisted that he has no immediate plans to leave Doctor Who.

The actor admitted that he is baffled by the constant speculation about his future in the role - because he is enjoying every minute of playing The Doctor.

"From the moment I took the job there has been speculation I was leaving. I'm having the time of my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way at the moment," Tennant told Wales on Sunday.

However, David confessed that he was extremely worried about fan reaction before his debut episode, The Christmas Invasion, aired in 2005.

"The show had been such a huge hit. It was such a big deal," he explained. "So much had been written and speculated on and I guess it was the thought of people saying, 'Oh, he wasn't as good as the last chap'."

He added: "I'm just delighted the fans aren't burning effigies of me in the street. To take on the role of Doctor Who and escape with my credibility was all I wanted to do."


Jim said...

Great minds think alike, as I posted a Dr Who posting today, too! Weird!

TimeWarden said...

I don't think DT will stay any longer than RTD who is supposed to be leaving at the end of the next series! Despite what Tennant said, I still believe the Doctor will regenerate next year!!

Moonwatcher said...

He's been getting better and better, I'm glad he's doing at least next season.