Sunday, July 01, 2007


Saturday afternoons I go drinking with some mates then we head into the town centre, one stop off is WH Smiths to check on the Carp Magazines, we're not too sure why there are so many magazines devoted to the world of Carp Fishing but they keep us amused with their titles.
Carp Talk
Total Carp
Carp World
Advanced Carp Fishing
What Carp Gear
UK Carp
Carp Addict
Crafty Carper , not pictured here.
I do love the title Carp Addict, I wonder if people can get help for this addiction ?


Steve said...

"My name is Steve Blake and I'm a carpaholic..." Hmm. You know that has a certain je ne sais qua about it.

Jim said...

Whoa, weird! I don't think we have any Carp magazines here the States... but we do have alot of Bass Fishing mags. But there's just something special about "Crafty Carper" :)

Moonwatcher said...

You had me looking for Carp Magazines in Borders this tea time :)

Nay_Gevara said...

we used to go condom fishing, i once caught a 10pound black ribbed nobbler! classic