Sunday, June 03, 2007

Konnie Huq leaving 'Blue Peter'

The only reason I watch Blue Peter on Kids TV these days, and the reason my wife keeps threatening to hit me over the head with a rolling pin.

Konnie Huq will leave Blue Peter early next year, she has told viewers.

Huq, who will become the show's longest serving female presenter in December, revealed the news on Thursday's show.

"When the time comes for my last show I'll be really sad," she explained. "But I will have been here for over 10 years which is a Blue Peter record."

The news comes after the BBC confirmed it was cutting the number of episodes per week and the resignation of editor Richard Marson.


Steve said...

Caron Keating always produced the same reaction in me. And Janet Ellis. Maybe Blue Peter is just ultra soft porn for guys with overactive imaginations?

Yeah yeah. I know I know. I was just dreaming... If only.

Michael G Clark said...

Bye bye Konnie. I like Konnie, she has those.. I like those on a woman.

Not that I'm ever in to watch Blue Peter these days and I certainly don't set my recorder for it... errrr.

Moonwatcher said...

Konnie is great, she's a real stunner.