Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gottfried Helnwein

The first time I seen Helnwein's work was on the cover of The Scorpions Album 'Blackout' His work is amazing, his paintings often look like Photo's and are painted on a huge scale, he really does some bizarre Photographic work too.
All the pics above that he's working on or are finished are paintings, that close up of the face (middle pic of the 5) is actually Oil and Acrylic on canvas.

Check out his site.


allen said...

Those are amazing...tho some are extremely creepy.

Michael G Clark said...

I'm not really into photo realistic painting, although I admire the effort I can't help thinking, why not use a photo?

I am an artist and my opinion is, of course, the right and only one.

ponces off stage left..

Moonwatcher said...

Superb work, very real,but like Michael says,they may as well be photographs.