Sunday, June 24, 2007

Disney abandons direct-to-DVD sequels

Pity, I was looking forward to Lady and the Tramp 8 :)

Walt Disney Studios has announced that it will no longer release direct-to-DVD sequels to its animated features.

The company has previously released sequels to such classics as The Lion King and Bambi, as well as more recent features Chicken Little and Meet The Robinsons. Such ventures have proven lucrative but have not been as critically acclaimed as their predecessors.

The policy change is seen to be indicative of the influence of new Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter, director of Cars and A Bug's Life, who has never been a fan of sequels.

As a part of the move, DisneyToon Studios will become part of Walt Disney Feature Animation and its president, Sharon Morrill will stand down from the position before being reassigned to another post..

The Little Mermaid 3, released later this year, will be the last direct-to-DVD sequel.


DanO said...

here is a link to the story at the blog for Hollywoods animation union. the comments are priceless:

I. N. J. Culbard said...

John "Toy Story 2 & 3" Lasseter has never been a fan of sequels?


Steve said...

Wow. Quality control at Disney! Artistry over earnings! I'm in shock.

paulhd said...

Don't mind sequels or remakes really. BAD sequels (and remakes) simply cashing in are a bit crap though, big of Disney to admit they've been peddling rubbish for so long:)

Moonwatcher said...

They really do some dodgy direct to DVD stuff.