Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Free vial of sand from Tunisia!

This is brilliant, it reminds me of when the old Marvel and DC Comics would have adverts for genuine soil from Dracula's Castle. I love the part here where it says 'Supplies of sand are limited'

In sprit of the month that celebrates Star Wars like no other and to get the party started early, Cristian Macht announced that the pre order for the highly anticipated DVD : The Force Among Us starts today. There are 2 versions of the film available. Version 1 - The Force Among Us "30th celebration edition" - Limited to only 1,977 copies. This version commemorates 30 years of fandom, is a longer cut of the film, and is jammed packed with enough bonus features to satisfy the apatite of a hungry Wampa. For pre ordering this limited edition DVD you will get a FREE vial of sand from Tunisia along with a certificate of authenticity (signed and numbered). Supplies of sand are limited, as is the DVD so head on over to and place your order today! Version 2 - the standard version of the film will also be available. For more details on the content of the DVD and how place your pre order, visit the films website. Other TFAU merchandise is also available starting May 1st.

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Moonwatcher said...

Yeah there aren't many grains of sand left in the world.