Saturday, April 07, 2007

MIMA - Good or Bad ?!

I've yet to speak to anyone who's been impressed with what they've seen in Middlesbrough's new modern art gallery, people have either said it's crap or have said it could be a hell of a lot better. Personally it's been a big fat waste of Tax Payers money in my opinion, and now they've had their laugh maybe they should try putting some real art on the walls in there. 40,000 visitors in a free entry Museum in Middlesbrough means they've had about 35,000 Chav's passing though to see if there's anything that's not bolted down they could steal.

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allen said...

Yikes. Here in Fort Wayne IN. we are experiencing a simular waste of tax dollars. Our downtown is a tad boring so the powers that be are trying to get a baseball stadium built downtown...problem is, we already have a perfectly good stadium just outside of town that hardly needs any work to update it. That's what happens when you give money to people with power...too bad about your museum.