Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hyperdrive Series 2 DVD

It's taken well over a year for series 1 of Hyperdrive to show upon DVD, yet even before series 2 has aired on BBC 2 they've announced the DVD release Hyperdrive: Series 2
Both series are getting released on the same day on DVD the 9th of July.

Besides the HMS Camden Lock and it's Shuttle from the first series I only did a handful of things for the new series, not seen what they look like in the show yet so it'll be a nice surprise.


Moonwatcher said...

I only saw about 2 episodes of Series 1, but what I seen was quite funny. I may have to buy the DVD's as I tend to be busy most evenings so miss a lot of TV shows.

John said...

thats good news boys ,, I was downloading those (in canada) while they were airing in britain last year! funny funny show ,, this is the first place i've found a date for season 2! thanks guys ! now i can just go out and buy em instead of waiting for the BBC to finally start airing it. Does anyone know why it got delayed and released like this? the buzz behind it last year was so strong , they were comissioned for a longer second season. then, there was nothing