Sunday, April 01, 2007

Star Wars - More DVD alterations !!

I found these pictures on a site yesterday that has since been asked to remove them,by who they didn't say, I didn't manage to save any of the bigger pictures at the time but found these 6 pictures of what must have been 30-40 in my 'Temp Internet Files' They say they are grabs from a Star Wars DVD set to be released for the 30th Anniversary this year. They clearly show changes to Jabba yet again. From what you can see of Greedo not only has the colour of his Jacket changed, it appears to be more Blue than previously, but Greedo appears to have eyes of some sort instead of the plain black domed eyes that he had before. What is totally ridiculous is that here and on 2 or 3 stills I didn't get, select Stormtroopers now have various Clone Trooper style coloured markings, I suppose this is yet another attempt at trying to tie both Trilogy's together. The ship now parked for some reason by the Mos Eisley Cantina and not in a Docking Bay ?! Looks very similar to the one that was in a cut scene from The Phantom Menace, in that clip droids can be seen repairing this craft. From what it mentioned about the Jabba scene, is that the two Rodian's (Greedo lookalikes) that are helping Jabba's men search under the Falcon, have been removed and in one of the pics shown above replaced by what looks like a Gamorrean Guard from Return of the Jedi, it also claims that Boba Fett has now been removed from this scene, so why did Lucas put him in only to take him back out ? Unless it has something to do with TV show continuity which may follow Boba Fett as a character. One picture showed the Cantina with a few new CG additions and the Jawa's selling what appeared to be a very old Battle Droid in the line up being inspected by Uncle Owen at the Lars Farmstead.
So much for the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, Lucas continues more and more to brush his classic under the carpet and make the original films as dire as the Prequel Trilogy, I'm sure for as many Star Wars fans who'll rush out and buy another set of the films on DVD there'll be the equal amount who'll boycott what Star Wars has become in recent years. I've posted a few comparison pics what I found online, the Jabba scene is really taking the piss though, changing it once was bad enough but a 3rd time, especially as the films better without it in the first place. Mos Eisley gets bigger with each revision, it's gone from a back water town to a sprawling metropolis almost.
The other rumour stated but no DVD grabs is that we'll see landing craft dropping off the AT-At's on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back and that Jabba's palace will get more CG creatures in Return of the Jedi.


Steve said...

Dear me, George can't leave it alone can he? The phrase "dog returning to its vomit" springs to mind.

Jim said...

Oh good God!!!!

Hey, can you email some of those other pics? I'd love to see em!! Got a link to the site you found them at? Maybe they can send us the larger pics!

Great find and post!!!
If you don't mind, I'd like to link you on it on JimSmash.

---Awaiting Gungans put into the Originals,

allen said...

sigh...he does all of that and yet I bet the rotoscoped-odd smudge on the side of the Emperor's face just under his hood will clearly still be there (ROTJ) and the snow speeders will still be transparent (ESB)...the only way that Lucas could improve what he did to the original and make up for Greedp shooting first is to have Han and Chewy both go nuts and wipe out every last breathing soul in the cantina...

And just as a side note...can anyone explain how Obi Wan, Owen Lars and Aunt Brew age fifty years and yet Luke and Leah age only 20? My thinking, they weren't drinking enough Blue Milk.

allen said...

Oh, and if a Gungun ever appears in the original series, there will be a cry for blood.

Michael G Clark said...

Space pants! George need someone to steal his rubber stamp so he won't be able to sign off on any more 'tweaks.'

Jabba still looks wrong, what's up with his eyes?

Niel Bushnell said...

Well it looks like the Jabba model keeps getting just a bit better than the last. Maybe by the 40th anniversary edition it might just look ok!

Richard Gallon said...

Isn't it ironic that these pics were used as an April Fools joke, and then, in the case of Jabba, were actually used in the Blu-ray release? It's like Lucas saw these fake pics and thought "Hey, that's pretty good, I think we'll use that!"