Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kurt Russell film named worst ever !

Big Trouble in Little China the worst film ever, what the f**k !?!? Who compiles these lists ? Also on the list is Peter Jackson's Dead Alive the American title for his Gore classic Brain Dead.If they're looking for shit movies 3 Star Wars prequels and Howard the Duck spring to mind straight away ! Check out the article below.

Kurt Russell movie Big Trouble in Little China has been named the worst of all time.

The kung fu film, made in 1986, came top, while raunchy comedy Porky's was second and Showgirls placed third.

The list, put together by US magazine Maxim, also named Best of the Best, the 1989 action flick, among the worst productions ever.

However, David Edwards, film critic for the Daily Mirror, said many leading candidates escaped the list.

"Big Trouble in Little China is a bad film - but it's a long way from being the very worst," he commented. "Where on the list are crimes against cinema like Glitter, Basic Instinct 2, Pluto Nash or every movie Madonna has been in?

"My vote for worst movie ever made goes to the sci-fi film Battlefield Earth."

The top 10 in full:

1. Big Trouble in Little China
2. Porky's
3. Showgirls
4. Dolemite
5. Dead Alive
6. Billy Madison
7. The Island of Dr Moreau
8. Commando
8. Missing in Action
10. Best of the Best


allen said...

Okay...I enjoyed the 3 star wars prequels mainly because I was watching them with my kids and they loved them so much. But I have to TOTALLY agree with you that morons make these lists when it come to "Big Trouble"...I mean...come on...THAT FILM ROCKED!!!! It had everything. Martial arts. A tough Truck Driver. Hot chicks. Weird creatures. Lightning. It was Fantastic and me and my buds back in the 80's saw it at the theater many times...Whenever I see lists of movies that critics hate, I flock to the video store to rent them because I know they aren't F@ckin' art house films that are so ponderous they make me barf!

allen said...

P.S. Love Billy Maddison!

Commando rocked!!!!

And Dead Alive...WOW!!! A MASTERPIECE!

People who make lists should be flogged in the public square.

allen said...

Sorry...I said 'F@ckin'...

I. N. J. Culbard said...


DanO said...

the idiots are breeding.
BTILC is one of my favorite films ever. when it is on i jump on the couch and grow roots.

"Sorry, I'm just happy to be alive!"

pete* said...

Jeezus, how many people have got this list entirely wrong!

This list is in fact the "Best BAD movies of all times", which IMO would've better been called "top 20 movies that are guilty pleasure".

Putting it in this context I would then say this list is fairly accurate.

Allegedly this list came from maxim, but i can't see where.

Full list below plus original comments by author.

20. The Beastmaster: Half Conan and half Dr. Dolittle, loincloth-wearing Marc Singer is Dar, a man who talks to the animals…and kills people.

19. Hard Target: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s lone film with Wilford Brimley is good family fun, provided your idea of family fun is watching homeless Vietnam vets being hunted for sport.

18. Hot Dog…The Movie!: It has skiing, a jagoff German and topless scenes. Instant classic.

17. Over the Top: A Stallone steamer about a man who regains his son’s love by arm wrestling.

16. Tango & Cash: Ali and Frazier. Magic and Bird. Sly and Kurt. It’s a dream pairing of B-movie icons in the tale of rival cops who bond by putting grenades in people’s pants.

15. They Live: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has sunglasses that enable him to see that many people are, in fact, aliens. It’s a real crowd pleaser.

14. Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins- They were looking for a blockbuster action franchise. That didn’t happen.

13. Boondock Saints: Writer-director Troy Duffy was supposed to be the next Tarantino. His one film pre-flame-out features Willem Dafoe swishing it up as a gay FBI agent.

12. Starship Troopers: Satire of fascism or just miserably acted flick about kids who wanna squash some bugs? At least it stars Doogie Howser!

11. The Toxic Avenger: Troma Films’ masterpiece reveals what happens when a nerdy janitor falls in toxic waste: superpower strength to rip off a person’s arm and beat him with it.

10. Best of the Best: James Earl Jones, Eric Roberts and the US karate team beat Koreans into kimchi.

9. Missing in Action: While Vietnam wasn’t much fun at the time, it’s made for a lot of awesome movies. This one may not have the cinematic merit of Full Metal Jacket, but it has something better: Chuck Norris.

8. Commando: After a former Latin American dictator snatches his daughter, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-GI John Matrix must rescue her using only violence and one-liners: “I let him go,” “He’s dead tired.”

7. The Island of Dr. Moreau: Your chance to see Brando with an ice bucket on his head.

6. Billy Madison: The inspiring tale of a lad who just wants to “touch the hiney.”

5. Dead Alive: In this pre-Lord of the Rings gorefest by Peter Jackson, zombies battle with Father McGruder, the kung fu priest.

4. Dolemite: The coolest/worst made blaxploitation flick. A pimp tries to duck the boom mike drifting into shoots.

3. Showgirls: Nomi’s a small-town gal with big dreams to become a topless dancer in Vegas. She must first endure sleazy casino execs, rock stars and much gratuitous nudity.

2. Porky’s: The subplot about anti-Semitism wasn’t the best, but respect must be paid for bringing glory holes to the mainstream and teaching us why Kim Cattrall is called Lassie.

1. Big Trouble in Little China: Kurt Russell needs to save a green-eyed girl from a Chinese man who wants to marry her so that he can take over the universe. Or something like that. Honestly, no one knows what’s actually going on in this guns and kung fu mishmash, but if you spot it while flipping channels you will watch it until the end.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cheers Pete,taking it in the context you give makes more sense, I got the info off Digital Spy and they never said anything about it being the 'best of the worse' or anything about 'guilty pleasures' !

Steve said...

I'm amazed that Kevin Costner didn't feature more in this list... Prince Of Thieves was crud. Seaworld was crap and as for that stupid post man film...!

TimeWarden said...

I've got "Showgirls" on tape, but not because it was a good film! And, not because it was directed by Paul Verhoeven, the guy who made "Robocop", "Total Recall", and "Starship Troopers", either!!

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Wait, so it's "best of the worst"? And "Guilty Pleasures"?

How does "Showgirls figure as a guilty pleasure akin to Big Trouble in Little China"... and how does Big Trouble in Little China figure as a "guilty Pleasure" in the first place? and how is it 'worst'?

I don't get the criteria for this list.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I'm confused over this list in general now,I'd say some of those movies are guilty pleasures,but others are good movies anyway and some aren't !!

DanO said...

in that context, i would have to say that Ken Russell's "Lair Of The White Worm" should have placed somewhere on there.
(definitely above 'Commando', which is just plain bad)

francis tsai said...

wtf?? that is one of the BEST movies ever made.