Friday, February 02, 2007

Dark Crystal sequel scrapped ?

From Dark Horizons !

The Power of the Dark Crystal , a proposed sequel to the classic fantasy film of the 80's, has been officially put 'on hiatus'.

Unofficially though, film ick indicates the project is scrapped with almost two years of pre-production work by Genndy Tartakovsky to be chucked out.

That isn't stopping the Henson company from being busy though. Plans are in the works for adaptations of Edward Gorey's The Doubtful Guest , Susan Cooper's The Boggart , and a film based on the Monster Blood Tattoo trading card series.

Brian Henson himself will direct Boggart which will be live action.


paulhd said...

Bad enough there's no more Dark Crystal, but that's 2 year of Tartakovsky goodness that couldn't been spent on something we could see!
An adaptation of 'the Doubtful Guest'? Hmmm, love the book, but not sure that's a good idea.

Jim said...

Hey, after I cried myself in a nap this morning upon reading the news, I went to Dark Horizons and they have an updated news post:

A posting on the Muppet Forums indicates the production is moving along as planned for a Spring 2008 release, despite a report last week at filmick to the contrary.

Jim Henson Company's Head of Publicity has apparently said that the goal is to finish post-production by the end of the year, so physical production "should be gearing up real soon".

Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hopefully it'll be made. As a mate said it'd be still one hell of an art book if after 2 years of being designed it didn't get made !! Lets keep our fingers crossed that the production does go ahead !!

Ken Chandler said...

When I was a kid I saw Dark Crystal in the theater, minimum, 6 times. I was/am a big fan. Too bad about the shelving of this one. I hope they reconsider. The other projects sound promising, but like many good things they can be screwed up by the right people. Where can I get updates on this Andrew? What's your source?