Friday, January 26, 2007

Todays - Google Earth - movie location.

Deepcore from The Abyss

Still sat in the abandoned Cherokee Nuclear Plant, Gaffney, South Carolina since 1989.

IMDB says :
For financial reasons, the "Deepcore" set was never dismantled. It stands in the abandoned (and drained) South Carolina nuclear power plant, where the film was shot. 20th Century Fox has posted signs around the set informing potential photographers that Fox still owns the set (and the designs) and that any photographs or video shooting of the set is prohibited by copyright law. Their official copyright information is on the Deepcore rig itself.


TimeWarden said...

Just thought I'd mention, Tom Baker was 73 on the 20th.

And, on a different note, did you listen to the Sparks documentary on Radio 2 last Saturday? If so, what did you think?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

No I missed it,I wouldn't care I was told it was on a few days earlier,I'm sure I'll be able to download it from a forum though !!