Thursday, January 04, 2007

This weeks watching and reading has been...

Nomads (1986) - Directed by John McTiernan

Stanley Kubrick : A Biography (1998) written by John Baxter
The Stanley Kubrick Companion (1999) written by James Howard
The Art of Brian Bolland (2006) by Brian Bolland
Sculpting a Galaxy : Inside the Star Wars Model Shop (2006) by Lorne Peterson
The 1970's Scrapbook (2004) by Robert Opie

My good mate who works in 'Forbidden Planet' recommended the Brian Bolland book to me, a fabulous insight into his early work and life with lots of great stories and snapshots as well as his fantastic artwork.

Great piccy's in the Sculpting a Galaxy book, ILM at their best.

The 1970's Scrapbook is a great look into all the cool stuff from that era, everything from Tudor Crisps to Space Hoppers. Loads of fab pics, the cover doesn't do the interior justice at all. If there was a time period I could live in again it would be the 70's !!

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hornsofthedevil said...

wow, i have to get that Brian Bolland book! he was always my favorite of the eagle comics bunch. his draftsmanship was so refined and crisp.

my older sister used to send me issues of 2000AD in the mail from England when Dredd and Miracleman first appeared in it.