Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Speaking of Galaxy of Terror

Before directing Terminator or Aliens, James Cameron did concept design and FX work on Galaxy of Terror, along with Robert and Dennis Skotak who did FX work on Aliens,The Abyss,Terminator 2 for Cameron. The film may be pretty naff but these guys did work wonders for the most part with the budget they got, probably around $50 :) You can see from the top picture that James Cameron is a very accomplished artist, the pic of the guy in the Giger-esque corridor being a great example of his skill. Cameron went onto design the look of both the Terminator endo-skeleton and the Queen Alien and Power Loader amongst other things, Stan Winston said they tried other ideas but pretty much went back to what Jim had first designed, I suppose as a director he knew exactly what he wanted so the best way was to draw it himself. I really hope James Cameron's new movie Avatar is worth the wait and doesn't end up being his Star Wars prequels after all these years.

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