Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Robocop FX

Following on from my post below, I'm a huge fan of Robocop, I love everything about it...except one thing, the shot of Dick Jones (Ronny Cox) falling from the OCP window after Robocop shoots him at the end, his arms are massive, I could never understand how this wasn't spotted when shooting the animation for this, or even while the puppet was getting made. I would gladly see this shot removed as it's bugged me since 1987. I think what makes this worse is it's the death of a main character, it isn't just a throw away effect off in the background somewhere.
Compare it to Hans' death in Die Hard filmed the same year, a much more memorable shot, and still a pretty cool FX shot even today.


Nik said...

YES! Monkey man jones has always bothered me too, absolute bizarre shoddiness in an otherwise perfect movie!

As for Hans Grubers fall, you no doubt know this but I love that his expression of shock and horror is genuine as Rickman was informed he would be dropped on 3 then released on 1.

kend said...

that fuunyyyyy

Bob said...

you,re right about the arms. Still Paultje (Verhoeven) keeps on rockin. Dutch glory woohoo. Robocop remains a very cool movie up to this day!!

Elliot said...

I think those arms were created longer to create a forced perspective.
Not successful.