Monday, September 04, 2006

Henry Winkler in Click

Some photographs of Rick Baker's Make-up's from the Adam Sandler film Click. Ageing Make-up's are something that most of us have seen applied to many a movie star for their roles in Film and TV, but for Click Rick Baker was given the task of making Henry Winkler look younger. I'd say from the pic here of the Make-up under the dressing room lights that it looks pretty cool. Unlike X-Men 3 where digital artists painted out wrinkles but didn't alter any of the facial structure of the actors Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan for their de-ageing scenes, Baker's make-up seems to have added genuine youth back to the face of Winkler, he could almost be the Fonz again !! Also pictured is Rick Baker's old age make-up from the same film, there's an amazing amount of detail to the work. I'd love to see both of these Make-up's in film lighting as opposed to studio. Good to see Rick Baker still producing great work !

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