Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Odeon Middlesbrough - Demolition

I had to pay a visit into town today so I decided to go along and grab some pics of the old Odeon getting demolished, working in there for 12 years I still have a fondness for the old place and it was a shame to see her get pulled down, but there was a twist in the tale, when I got there the Odeon had started to fight back, a large amount of scaffolding had collapsed into the street that run behind the cinema. All of the area was roped off by police and council staff. The TV people were just starting to show up when I left. I've posted the news off the BBC site too.
Amongst the twisted debris can be seen the old staircases and walkways that were in the roof void from where we would change the light that were in the Screen 1 ceiling.
Shame to see it demolished, after the Odeon it was turned into Jumping Jacks Nightclub for a few years before that closed.


Niel Bushnell said...

It is a real shame. I have many fond memories of going to see films in the big main screen. It was massive, or that’s certainly how I remember it. I can remember seeing 'Four Weddings' there a few months before I got hitched. I also dodged college classes to go see ‘Aliens’ there with Mr Fraser. And finally seeing ‘Star Trek six’ out of focus in a smaller screen, Mr Glazebrook wasn’t working that night so it wasn’t his fault!! I still prefer these old monsters to the multiplex’s we have now. But we can’t turn the clock back.

If you look at the pictures closely you can see a temporal glow of the younger Glazebrook hovering in mid air just where his projector seat used to be.

Speaking of temporal glows wasn’t that place haunted??

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Ah the good old days of coming into work and finding out that the film was as blurry looking through a jam jar lid. I remember coming in at the end of a Star Trek show finding that there was only 10 minutes left and the picture was out of focus, I remember thinking do I. A) Leave it to the end of the film. B)Suddenly put it back into focus thus making it more obvious that it was horribly out in the first place. I think I compromised by slowly adjusting the focus gradually in for the last 10 mins,thus by the time the credits rolled it was spot on. :)
Yeah there was talk of a ghost,maybe it's a bit pissed off at having it's home knocked down.

Frielaholic said...

It's a good start in my opinion. Now, how about the rest of the Boro'? Or at least a certain other building on Corperation Road.... you know the one I mean.

Nay_Gevara said...

We could use Leigh's oversized testicle as the wrecking ball!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

We're trying to keep civilian casualties to a minimum !!