Thursday, April 20, 2006

Movie Bad Guys - Scorpio Killer

One of the best movie bad guys ever has to be Andrew Robinson as the Scorpio Killer. Robinson's portrayal of the chilling Scorpio in Dirty Harry (1971) led to him receiving serious death threats via telephone after the film's release and so he got an unlisted telephone number.
Robinson a committed pacifist,was so terrified of guns that every time he had to fire one in the film, he would squeeze his eyes shut and flinch violently. Director Don Siegel had to shut down production for almost a week and hired a firearms expert to work with Robinson continuously until he was realistically able to fire a gun.


zombob said...

Did not know that about him. Odd how his career panned out, no?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Probably the only other stuff I've really noticed him in is Cobra, Hellraiser and Star Trek:Deep Space Nine !!