Friday, July 20, 2007

Alien - John Finch

Jon Finch was originally cast as Kane but on the first day of shooting, he looked extremely ill. Medics were called and Jon Finch was immediately taken to hospital where it was discovered that he had an extreme case of diabetes. Ridley Scott knew that John Hurt was in town, so he approached him that night about playing Kane. John Hurt was on set the following day. IMDB
It's strange seeing these photos, it's hard to imagine Alien and the famous chestburster scene without John Hurt, and also it makes you wonder how Finch's career might have gone in other directions had he been in Alien.


allen said...

Sort of reminds me of what I heard about Apocalypse now. Originally Harvey Kitel was the lead but after the daylies, he was fired and replaced with Martin Sheen.

Hey, I sent a comment to Michael about our local art house theater. If you have a production you'd like to have shown, they are always looking for edgy or indie stuff. I could probably get a showing...

Moonwatcher said...

I remember John Lynch from Frenzy,he's a good actor.